being in the moment …

capturing the essence of the moment …

sharing my interpretation of the moment …

I was a kid, with a Kodak Instamatic and Magicubes, at a Lipizzaner horse show. I waited a week for the film to be processed. The woman in front of me was very well lit from my blue dot flash bulb, and the horse was a small blip near the center of the frame. But, at least the horse was in the frame. I was captivated by the photographic opportunities.

Various subjects have graced my viewfinder since those early days - vast landscapes to grains of sand, wild animals to humans - each subject fascinating and challenging in its own way. Over the years, the technology changed but the premise did not: capture a moment in time. I immerse myself in the moment and nothing else matters; I am simultaneously focused and free.

Until recently my photography was classically pure, a simple attempt to objectively document a subject. Being a lawyer, this was perfect for my analytical brain. But, I began to feel like something was missing. Lots of people take good pictures. I wanted something more … take it a step further … create something unique, reflecting a deeply personal interpretation of the moment.

While I start with classic photography, I like to think of my art as expanding the limits of the medium. As you browse my online galleries, you will see a mix of styles as I explore different photographic art forms.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my website; I am humbled and honored by your interest in my work.

With gratitude,


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